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Can I also pray for my love or for my career?

You can pray for anything you want - it just should not cause damage to others.

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Can I receive help for more than one wish?

It is possible to name several wishes at a time. As the other group-members are asked to have your wishes in mind, while they pray for you, you better make sure, there are not too many. Otherwise your really urgent wishes might not get enough force to be fulfilled. We would not recommend more than three wishes at a time.

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What can I pray for?

On this website you can pray for everything and everyone, just like you have been praying in the past; to pray for a wish or for somebody else is something, that has a very, very long tradition. This website wants to help to bring people together, so that they can benefit of the advantages of praying for each other.

You can pray for everything, that will add to your well-beeing without damaging others. For everything, that is for the sake of the whole. These can be medical healings as much as wishes like the passing of a test, finding an appartment according to your imaginations, finding the ideal partner, or helping somebody (human beeing, animal, plant) else or just for success and wealth. Only your phantasy will set the limits for what you want to achieve.

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What, if I don't have the time to pray?

There are two possibilities:

- time and energy depend on the priority you give your tasks. If this here is important for you, time and energy will be available. Also, you don't have to be in a specific location while you pray. You can pray in the subway, while you wait in a line, whe you gor for a walk. What is important is that you concentrate on the other group-members and their wishes. The others do depend on your ability to bring up the disciplin and the reliability to pray daily for them - and so do you!

- you quit the group to give somebody else the chance to take you place in the group and regularly pray for the others. If you still want to receive prayers, we can forward your wish to one of the monasteries we work together with. As the monchs pray for you without you praying for them, this can not be done without cost. The monthly fee is the energy you'll give the monchs for the energy they spend praying for you. (Link to the monastery)

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What, if I don't need help myself, but would like to pray for others?

Well, of course you can pray for others, without a wish for yourself. If you're so happy and sain, you could let the other group-members pray for your wish, that you want it to stay that way!

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