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Does that really work?

Yes it does.
On this website we have published several studies, which are able to prove that. But these studies also show, that not automatically everyones wishes become true. But they also show, that the probability, that someones wish will be fulfilled, rises dramatically.

The study from the University of Colombia shows, that out 100 women, who were prayed for, 51 got pregnant, wheras the 100 women, who were not prayed for, came up with only 23 pregnancies. That means, that nearly twice as much women got pregnant, who were prayed for, than the control-group without prayers.

The answer to the question, wether praying really works for your wishes, is not just a simple yes, but a "yes it works, but not always and not for everyone". But your chances do rise strongly, if you claim this kind of help.

If you are reading this because you seek for help for an illness you should seek for medical treetment in the first place. Once that has happened you can additionally seek for further help on this website. Especially so, if you suffer from a desease that has not reacted to traditional medical treatment or which is said to be uncurable.

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How about your privacy policy?

No eMail-adress, no other adress, personal data or even submitted wishes will be handed out to anybody. We do guarantee complete privacy concerning all data entered on our website.

When you join the prayer groups, you do tell them your wish, so that the other members can pray for you. In the registering procedure you'll be asked, wether you want us to hand out your real name and eMail-adress to the other members of your group ( and ony to them!) or if you want to use a phantasy-name in order to stay anonymous.

Whatever decision you take, you'll be joining a group, where all members have taken the same decision.

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I'm ill or someone I love is ill. Can you help me?

If you're ill you should seek for medical treetment in the first place. Once that has happened you can additionally seek for further help on this website. Especially so, if you suffer from a desease that has not reacted to traditional medical treatment or which is said to be uncurable.

If you want to help someone else, this someone should seek for help for her- or himself on this website. Only if that is not possible - for example for a baby, in case of dementia or coma - the responsible person can join a prayer-group. But please only in these cases!

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What does 14all41 mean?

The name one for all and all for one means, that everybody, who is willing to help, will receive help her- or himself. Put to practice that means, that in groups of twelve participants, one prays for the other eleven and the other eleven help her/him with their prayers.

1 4 all and all 4 1 is a pool for those who seek help. Many scientific studies show, that prayer, or other forms of directing human consciousness, is able to help in cases where conventional methods reach their limits.

This website wants to coordinate that kind of help, without favouring any specific religion, church or other particular interest and without taking money for this service.

The goal of 14all41 is tp provide this kind of help to a large number of persons in an efficient way.

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What does this service cost?

This service is absolutely free of any charge. All you pay is the charge for using the internet while you're on our website. There is no additional charging of any kind from our side.

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What is a prayer?

Prayers are spoken rituals which help us to concentrate. This concentration helps to activate our (sub)consciousness and to aim it to the goal we are praying for. It seems that it is our consciousness which has the key role in liberating those energies and informations, that later on tend to fulfill our wishes and so let us reach our goals.

The different ways of praying in all different cultures and religions have one thing in common: if they are done with the intention to reach a certain goal, the prayers tend to create favourable circumstances, that raise the probality that the wish, which has been prayed for, becomes true.

Since Rupert Sheldrake and his theory of the morphogenetic fields we do have an idea how this might work. And Sheldrake parts from the fact, that a morphogenetic field becomes the stronger, the more people use it and have done so in the past.So exercising rituals and prayers, which have been used for many geberations, makes sense. Also shamans spend a great amount of time to their pupils the details of their ceremonies, rituls and prayers, because they know, that those are more powerful than their own spontaneous ideas.

Im Klartext: wenn Sie beten, halten Sie sich besser an die zentralen Gebete oder Rituale Ihrer Religion oder einer anderen Religion, die Ihnen „sympathisch“ ist. Konzentrieren Sie sich dabei so gut wie möglich auf die Person, der Sie helfen wollen, sowie auf deren Anliegen.
Unter dem Begriff „Gebet“ können zwei Vorgehensweisen verstanden werden.

To put it clearly: when you pray, you better stick to a ritual or a prayer of a religion you belong to or sympathize with. Concentrate as good as you possibly can on the persons and the wishes you're praying for. In this context prayer can mean the two following procedures:

· Traditionell kann man unter dem Begriff „Gebet“ alle religiösen Gebete verstehen. Jede Religion hat da ihre eigenen Gebete. Da alle Mitglieder einer Gruppe auch die Anliegen und Wünsche der jeweils anderen Mitglieder (mit oder ohne Photo) zugemailt bekommen, kann man diese eMails ausdrucken und dann nacheinander für deren Erfüllung beten. Es scheint hierbei dann nicht so wichtig zu sein, um welches Gebet es sich dann letztlich handelt, sondern darum, dass es konzentriert und in Gedanken an die Person und deren Anliegen gebetet wird.

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Which religion is 14all41 linked to?

14all41 is not linked to any religion, nor does it favor any religion. This website wants to bring people together to help each other - independant from their religion.

No matter which religion you belong to - if you seek help through the power of prayers and if you're willing to give this kind of help to others, you're welcome.

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Why are you doing this?

More and more studies show, that the power of prayers do produce effects, wich cannot be achieved by any other means. When the sponsor of this website learned about this, he had the wish to help as many people as possible by running this website - without charging anything for it.

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